Rigardt & Hezer | Nooitgedacht
Tuesday, 15 October 2013 09:31

1Cape Town Wedding Photographer  1056RIGARDT & HEZER | Nooitgedacht

Righardt & Hezer, got married at the beautiful Nooitgedacht Estate in Stellenbosch. I love a hands on bride and Hezer almost did everything herself... she also had real butterflies everywhere, so pretty! And we also managed to catch the last of the blossoms in some of the photos.

Peter & Karien | Day After Shoot
Friday, 04 October 2013 10:26

Cape Town Wedding Photographer 0044


Shooting another photographer is always a bit nerve wrecking... they definitely don't look at your photos like normal people do. I always wonder if, when they see the photos, go “Mmm, good composition, skin tones a tad yellow... maybe would have used another angle...mmm”. But I was really flattered when Peter ask me to shoot his and Karien's day after shoot. Peter is also a wedding photographer of note and Karien is the girl behind the beautiful album designs of Photographicbooks. Guys hope you enjoy these!!

Scotty & Nicki | Montville - Australia
Thursday, 03 October 2013 11:48

1Cape Town Wedding Photographer 0007

SCOTTY & NICKI | Montville – Australia

OMW!!! I completely went overboard with this post... I loved everything about this wedding. Montville is a quaint little town in the Sunshine Coast's Hinterland with beautiful Queenslander houses and a breathtaking view of the valley beyond. Nicki and I got along like a house on fire and what's not to like about this gorgeous girl...she's as stunning inside as she is outside. And is her dress not just the most divine thing you've ever seen​? Scotty and his best men ( thanks Ildiko Gagyor for the fun photos), was a laugh a minute and judging from the photos, Scotty is quite the “cyclist”. Then there's little Harper...who's the spitting image of his dad at his age. He took his pageboy duties very serious and decide that chewing his bow-tie is definitely the way to curb the walking down the aisle jitters ;) Nicki & Scotty hope you guys enjoy your photos as much as I did taking and editing them...you guys made my 1st Aussie wedding a day to remember x

Os & Leigh | Langebaan
Monday, 24 June 2013 15:18

1Cape Town Wedding Photographer  904OS & LEIGH | Langebaan

This is easily one of the cutes couples I've met in a long time... we had laughed so much during the shoot, especially where Os had to shower Leigh with flowers. Leigh's mom, future mother-in-law and her sister went through so much trouble with the décor. Unfortunately a very heavy fog disrupted the shoot a bit, but I do love the effect it gave in some of the pictures. Os, also scored some MAYOR brownie points with his photographer when he flatly refuse to believe that I'm not 27... Can't wait for your wedding guys!

Brett & Andrea | | My Big, Fat Greek Wedding
Thursday, 20 June 2013 17:43

 1Greek Ortodox Wedding Durban Wedding Photographer Jani B

BRETT & ANDREA | My Big, Fat Greek Wedding

WOW!!! What a way to end a season... this was my 1st Greek wedding and I certainly hope not the last. Andrea mailed me a week before the wedding warning me that (them being Greek), they might be a bit “loud”... to which I replied that I would feel right at home. When I go home for a weekend and my two other sisters, also visit, we tend to speak all at once and well...very loudly. I can honestly say this was one of the best experiences of my life, I enjoyed everything about it. From the ceremony filled with loads of tradition and symbolism to the reception which I could actually only explain in pictures... I almost felt like a war photographer, during the breaking of the plates... pieces flying everywhere! Opa!!!

Ανδρομάχη και Brett, μπορεί ο γάμος σας να είναι ευλογημένη και γεμάτη με γέλιο και την ευτυχία ...

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