Donovan & Leandri | Kleinevalleij
Saturday, 28 December 2013 11:10

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DONOVAN & LEANDRI | Kleinevalleij

What I remember about their wedding: I can say all the normal things, yes Leandri looked amazing with and absolute to die for dress, the weather was windy etc. But what I will remember is the absolute joy both Donovan and Leandri had on their wedding, they truly savoured the day... Leandri told everybody how happy she was to finally marry Donovan, many times. Their ceremony probably was one of the most memorable in a long time, they where “present” at all times, they interacted with each other, with a look here and a small gesture there. Leandri's mom had the mos infectious smile... I wish you could bottle and sell it ;) Guys, thanks for being the couple that makes me remember why I love weddings so much! I just want to make a special mention to Donovan's mom, who made all the boutonnières plus all the paper lotus flowers & favours on the tables... those must have taken ages to make and they looked amazing. Videography: Vision on Fire

Marko & Carol | Landtscap
Monday, 23 December 2013 08:54

1Cape Town Wedding Photographer  1562MARKO & CAROL | Landtscap

What made Marko & Carol's day memorable: Well to begin with they celebrated their wedding on the weekend that the Boland area had flash floods, even hospitals had to be evacuated. Even though their whole wedding was planned around the beautiful outdoor setting at Landtscap, with the stunning views of the Devon Valley, they took the miserable weather in their stride and they had one awesome party!! Nikki du Plessis from “The New Normal” did the amazing décor, Alana van Heerden made Carol's stylish dress and I've been to MANY weddings, but the steak served by “Two Chefs” that night was one of the best I ever had & DJ Chopper kept the dance floor full! And lastly and most funny part of the whole day... Carol's earning broke just before she got dressed, the bridesmaids tried fixing it with super glue, but to no avail. Well, a girl's got to do what a girls got to do and Carol Super Glued the earing onto her ear. No how can't you help but NOT like a no nonsense, take charge girl like that? Marko you did well ;) Thanks to Jackie Scott who really made a huge diffirence in my day, by keeping me dry during the storm ;).

Gary & Carin | Suikerbossie
Tuesday, 17 December 2013 08:11

1Cape Town Wedding Photographer  1526GARY & CARIN | Suikerbossie

Sjoe where to begin... I arrived at the guesthouse and I immediately received a goodie bag with a T-shirt saying “Photographer at work”, an energy bar and a bottle of water. I was well looked after ;) Carin stole my heart. She has a personality larger than life, she's the embodiment of the saying “ Dance like no one's watching, sing like no one's listening, love like you've never been hurt...”. I'm sure she's one of those friends that when you leave her presence it's also with a smile... Gary on the other hand is a book you shouldn't judge by his cover, this big man has a gentle soul and a wicked sense of humour. Gary & Carin, I loved spending time with you on your most special day!

Marius & Anneke | Kleinevalleij
Wednesday, 11 December 2013 08:08

1 Cape Town Wedding Photographer  1517MARIUS & ANNEKE | Kleinevalleij

Marius & Anneke got married on one of the 1st sunny Saturdays in a long time, with beautiful blue skies... and a slight breeze. I loved shooting this couple, they where so easy going and really laughed a lot... not at me, (ok maybe a little) but with each other. They had a great connection. I adored the bright Purple and Fuschia decor...simply stunning! The amazing Guava Graphics did the video and I'm so excited to see the video...

Marko & Carol | Engagment
Thursday, 05 December 2013 08:43

Cape Town Wedding Photographer  1477

MARKO & CAROL | Engagement Shoot

Due to the crazy weather we've lately been experiencing in Cape Town, we had to postpone Carol & Marko's engagement shoot a few times... needless to say we ended up shooting the engagement in the week before the wedding. So it's a bit of a problem posting the engagement photos when the wedding has already happened, but I thought it's better than posting them after the wedding photos are blogged LOL... Watch this space for the wedding photos...coming soon!

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